Book Review: Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Rating: 10/10

Spoiler free:
I can genuinely say that I loved this book more than anything I’ve read since Harry Potter–and yes, that’s a huge deal. Sarah J. Maas has the most brilliant way of writing tropes that we’ve seen a million times before somehow never being predictable in the midst of the intricate plot she weaves. In this fifth book in the Throne of Glass series, readers get more depth of their favorite characters, plus a few new ships and favorites we never saw coming. Action packed with underlying plots of romance and tremendous personal growth, I picked it back up to read it all again and face palm at the foreshadowing and how ingeniously everything came together at the end–after I stopped crying, of course. I can’t imagine anyone who at all enjoys reading not being enthralled by this book. If you decide to read it, let me know what you think!



Spoiler full:

Oh. my. god. I can’t even put into words how I felt at the end of this book–after Mark of Athena and A Court of Mist and Fury I didn’t think any ending to a pre-finale book could destroy me, but WOW Sarah did. Aelin is one of my favorite characters I’ve ever read, and her craftiness never ceases to amaze me. Having female characters who are fearless and badass and strategists but also like shopping and dogs and perfumes is such a nice break from the standard “I’m not like other girls” protagonist, and Aelin specifically is just so genuinely fun to read about. Of course, then we have to address ~Rowaelin~, possibly one of the greatest ships to ever be written and the one to cleave my heart in two with their post-secret marriage separation by the presiding non-fire-breathing-bitch queen of evil. Really, all of the characters we got to see more of in this book are near and dear to my heart–which, in Manon and Lorcan’s cases, I did not see coming. All of Sarah’s characters are so wonderful and multi-faceted that each and every one of them feels entirely integral to the story, rather than the typical key three. Lysandra is simply wonderful, Aedion and Dorian are the cutest and I love how they can go from adorable puppy the death machine in two seconds flat. I really hope we get to see more of Fenrys in the final book in this series, because I think the dynamic he and his brother bring to the table is going to be important–and of course, seeing Gavriel and Lorcan interact with the og squad (and trying to win Aedion and Elide’s trust respectively!!!) will be exciting. I was disappointed to have no Chaol whatsoever in EOS, especially because his and Dorian’s bffship is one of my favorites, but with Sarah being the literary genius that she is I’m sure having a book all about their trip to the Southern Continent will be more than we could’ve hoped for. Also, Manon’s grandmother needs to die. Like ASAP.

So. The nitty gritty.

Nameless is my price?!?! NAMELESS. I screamed. And then I went back through after finishing EOS and reread the whole series and found a scene all the way back in CROWN OF MIDNIGHT where it was said that Brannon’s mark was the mark of the nameless, and Baba Yellowlegs gave the creepy warning. I’m in so much pain with this series, I can’t.

Aelin and Lysandra plotting for her to take her place was so perfect I can’t even react, and while I totally understand where Aedion is coming from with his anger, what did they expect?? Aelin is a brilliant, self sacrificing queen who never thinks she’s vital and doesn’t want anyone else to feel the impacts of her plans going wrong, she was bound to do something stupidly noble that made us all cry. Hopefully, when the gang all rescue her she’ll realize how important and valued she is (finally).

And Elena??? I never saw that coming, never even considered that she really truly cared about Aelin and was being as helpful as possible.

Basically the whole book was me sobbing.

Of course, the fact that it keeps being mentioned that Hollin is evil and inhuman definitely has to end up being important, so I’m excited (and hella nervous) to see that brought to light when we do get that final book in 2018, hopefully right before Maeve gets her ass kicked for literally setting out to eviscerate everyone’s happiness and all of our ships sail of into the sunset back to Terrasen/Adarlan/The Wastes.

Ultimately, I loved this book (which I’m sure is very clear). I’m electric with anticipation to see how it’s all tied together, and really nervous because we have yet to see how evil SJM is when it comes to series finales, but I trust her with my literary life so even if she is ruthless I have no doubt we will enjoy every second of it.


Thanks for reading!



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