Hey, I’m Kaitie Howie–avid reader of pretty much anything YA fiction (and books in general). I never stop talking about books and making random references to obscure scenes in random books, and┬ábeing that even now I use reading for procrastination, I have a lot of material to refer to.

I’m from Florida, but I’m currently a freshman in college in North Carolina, and I listen to every kind of music from Alternative to Country, but above all I love reading more than anything. Right now I have a couple of novels of my own in progress, but mostly I just read constantly to keep living new and different lives in all different worlds and minds.

I also love pizza, cheesecake, the High School Musical movies, Doctor Who, and anything on the CW; so basically, I’m your average fangirl attempting to be a functional adult–it’s kind of hit or miss.

Thanks so much for checking out my book blog! Feel free to comment or contact me, and happy reading!


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